Web3 Workshop

The Researching Web3 Workshop is the first scholarly conference dedicated to exploring Web3. This field-defining workshop brings together scholars from across academia to generate new research questions, learn about new and emerging technologies, and coordinate communities of practice.

Web3 is a new, novel, and highly active area of socio-technical development built upon blockchain technologies. It has numerous unique areas of scientific investigation, ranging from cryptoeconomic coordination mechanisms to unique sites of social order.

With the recent explosion of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and other resilient, peer-to-peer technologies (DeFi, DeSci, NFTs, etc.), the Researching Web3 Workshop offers scholars a unique opportunity to learn about new and emerging social movements and technologies, coordinate research agendas, build classroom curricula, and collaborate with colleagues within and across disciplinary boundaries.

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Lightning Research Reports

Presentations on the state of the art in Web3 from emerging scholars.

Q&A with Web3 Community

On-stage interviews and panels by faculty researchers and Web3 community members.

Research & Teaching Workshop

Breakout workshop sessions to generate new research questions and develop pedagogy and curricula.

Over 100 participating scholars from 50+ universities


This two-day online event is research focused and field defining. The Researching Web3 Workshop includes short summaries and reviews of foundational topics, on-stage interviews with practitioners, opportunities for socializing and research networking, and access to curated resources for further research and study. We will explore and plan for publications and grant funding as outputs from the workshop. As well,

An optional pre-conference workshop offers attendees a faculty-focused, no-code, hands-on tutorial of key Web3 technologies. Upon completion of the workshop, attendees will receive an NFT certificate of completion.

Key Information

  • Date and Time:
    Wednesday, July 13 (3:00pm EST / Noon PST until 6:00pm EST / 3:00pm PST)
    Thursday, July 14 (3:00pm EST / Noon PST until 6:00pm EST / 3:00pm PST)
    • Optional pre-conference technology workshop: Wednesday, July 13 (2:00pm EST / 11:00am PST until 3:00pm EST / Noon PST)
  • Location: online (login details to follow via email)
  • Cost: Free to registered attendees

Building on the success of our recent “Defining Web3” experiment with novel forms of publicly crowdfunded, blockchain-based scholarly publication, the Researching Web3 Workshop advances the state of the art by engaging scholars who seek to generate new research questions and gain insight into emerging technologies and social practices. The Researching Web3 Workshop emphasizes the uniqueness of disciplinary research while providing attendees with opportunities to assemble transdisciplinary research teams to tackle the big questions emerging from Web3’s socially-disruptive, novel technologies and organizational forms.

The Research Web3 Workshop is organized by Dr. Quinn DuPont and Dr. Frances Liddell and is generously funded by the Smart Contract Research Forum. Attendance is free but registration is required.

Schedule (tentative)

July 13 (3:00PM)

All times in EST

Please email Quinn DuPont if you have not yet received Zoom login information.

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  • Introductory remarks (Quinn DuPont), 3:00-3:15PM
  • Keynote (Lana Swartz), 3:20-3:40PM
    • Audience Q&A, 3:40-3:50PM
  • 5 minute research lightning talks, 4:00-5:00PM
    • Kelsie Nabben
    • Jamilya Kamalova
    • Sandra Faustino
    • Shayan Eskandari
    • Zane Griffin Talley Cooper
    • Michael McCanless
    • Raha Peyravi
    • Kyrie Zhou
    • Trinh Nguyen
    • Spencer Kaplan
    • Farah Qureshi
    • Tanusree Sharma
    • Betty Ackah
      • Audience Q&A, *-5:00PM
  • 5-10 minute break, *-5:10PM
  • Web3 interview (Notsofast interviewed by Kyle Stine), 5:10-5:30PM
    • Audience Q&A, 5:30-5:40PM
  • Web3 panel discussion, (Quinn DuPont, Ekene Odigwe, Kes Inkersole, Lisa Wocken), 5:40-5:55PM
  • POAP handout & meet and greet, 5:55-6:15PM

July 14 (3:00PM)

All times in EST

  • Reflections and remarks (Quinn DuPont), 3:00-3:10PM
  • Keynote (Brett Scott), 3:10-3:30
  • Research workshop: “Open questions in DAO science” (Josh Tan, Tara Merk, and Rolf Hoefer), 3:30-4:30PM
    • Introductory remarks (Eugene Leventhal)
  • 5-10 minute break, *-4:40PM
  • Web3 interview (Daniel Ospina interviewed by Jeffrey Yost), 4:40-5:00PM
    • Audience Q&A, 5:00-5:10PM
  • Web3 pedagogy “State of the art” (Scott Meyer), 5:10-5:25
  • 5-10 minute break, *-5:30PM
  • Keynote (Jason Potts), 5:30-5:50
    • Audience Q&A, 5:50-6:00PM
  • Virtual drinks, POAP handout, and research "speed dating", 6:00-6:15

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Participation is exclusive to researchers and university faculty and is by invitation only. Space is limited.

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